Turning Your Party to a Real High Tea Party



Parties are fun any time but the planning is hectic and confusing. This is especially the case when it comes to events like tea parties that people are not overly conversant with. Planning such an event could turn you into a social butterfly if it is successful because it would be an indication of your prowess in social matters.

A high tea party is an event that is held in the evening for friends to sit around and catch up as they enjoy each other’s company. The event usually has an infusion of style elegance and passion. There are certain things you need to observe if you wish to turn your party into one of those events that will have tongues wagging for the rest of the year about how great a host/hostess you are. They include;

  • Lighting

Ensure that you have installed lighting that creates a calm ambience for the guests to unwind and let down their guard. This is usually dim light preferably from candles that are scented. They give the arena an intimate atmosphere that allows people to really relax.

  • Menu

A menu for such an event is not your average everyday menu for ordinary events. For this particular event you will need to improvise a little depending on how well you know your friends and family. Ensure the menu has something for everyone in attendance. This is to mean those with a sweet tooth, those who don’t like sugar and even those who are on diets. Make every guest feel appreciated through the food that you prepare. It should contain items like breads, pieces of cakes, scones, sandwiches and an assortment of sweets.

  • Venue

Ensure that you pick a nice place to hold the event. If you want it indoors let it be in a room that is spacey enough. If it is outside ensure the setting of furniture is stable and that there is enough space for people to move around.

  • Music

Since it is a party it is very important that you choose the right selection otherwise your efforts will have been for nothing. For this particular event choose music that is loved by the demographics present in your event. Also ensure that the music is in the background to allow people to hold conversations with one another without having to shout.

Following the above guidelines will ensure that you will have a very successful event. Make sure that there is enough of everything to go round to avoid embarrassments when food runs out. Also ensure there is enough security at the event’s venue to lay the hearts of the guests to rest.


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