Bake Me More Than A Cake


Sitting on the balcony of your best friend’s apartment complex, it hits you. It’s not a ray of sunshine or a bag of dog feces that interrupts your focus because of how unexpected the situation was. No, it’s not like that at all.

You get the most whimsical and heavenly smell imaginable as you stare off into the busyness of the city. The smell is food and you can tell that is somewhere you want to visit. Not even the honking horns ruin this moment. Like fresh bread dipped in a coat of heaven, the bakery is a fun stop for many people alike. From cookies to cakes, bars and bread, there is much to get at your local bakery.

Your Taste Buds Will Be Pleased

When looking for some challah buns or a cake for your son’s birthday party, there is a lot to think about when it comes to a bakery. Not every bakery is going to have the very best staff knowledgeable in the art of baking. It is no easy task and some are simply worlds away from others in terms of skill set and professionalism. Yes, one wants a tasty pastry to get their day started great, but a good bakery is much more than that.

Customer Service

Customer service has been driving business decisions for ages. One can have the best staff in the world and produce a plethora of different baked goods only to be left very sad when they find out that their son’s birthday cake never got made due to a mix up with the staff. Instead of apologizing and making things right with you as the customer, they place blame elsewhere and have no accountability. Making your son happy by showing him you are thinking of him on his birthday with a cake is something special and you want to get that decision right. Customer service is equally important as quality and selection of product.

Product Drives Consumption

There is a major difference in your average donut shop compared to the best bakeries around town and the surrounding globe. Bakeries will have variety. Variety shared that makes the senses plead with joy. Nobody will frequent any business establishment if they didn’t like the goods being offered there.

Going to a bakery is no different. Maybe it is to quick run and get a dozen cookies for the office or to get an elaborate cake made. Whatever the reason for going to the bakery, one can hope that it is a pleasant one. Transparency is always key, especially for personal orders.

Knowing well ahead of time what sort of product a bakery carries and how long an order takes to be fulfilled will be extremely handy when it comes to the planning of your manager’s birthday party or other fun event. No matter the event, the important factor is being able to have the baked goods on hand and tasting good. The best bakery will make sure of that. Let your taste buds fly.