Dried products are prepared from Vietnamese origin


With experience in more than 4 years in business and production activities, Dung Ha Agricultural Co., Ltd in Vietnam has grown strongly with a strong position in the market with the brand “food supply Quality dry goods ”for consumers. Understanding the needs of customers, the company always updates and supplements many essential goods. Not only is famous for the array of domestic fruits or clean vegetables in Dalat, the stock of dry albums – raw materials for Vietnamese dishes are also present at the store.

Why need to visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products to choose dry food?

You want to buy a lot of delicious cooking ingredients, want to buy clean food that is safe without chemical preservatives but does not know where to buy. Coming to Dung Ha Agricultural Products, you will be amazed by super quality dry food warehouse which is a regional speciality in many different provinces.

Do not compare with market goods, commitment to quality with the brand is the sales policy applied by the Company.

Dry items are censored and tested. The company sends its staff to the production site to visit the product processing process, take it for trial, ensure safety and must be delicious food to be imported by the company to sell.

Abundant supplies, many supply partners, but the company only works with reputable partners who value the first quality with the after-sales service policy.

Today, the food safety issue of daily consumption of dried goods is a painful problem for the Vietnamese people, because there are many fake and poor quality products, which are Chinese products that make Vietnamese goods. people do not know where to buy and how to buy it to be safe for users’ health. Understanding this more than anyone else, Dung Ha Agricultural Products has brought the great quality of dry sources.

Supplying authentic and prestigious dry food products

If you have been a customer of Dung Ha Agricultural Products, then you also understand how the quality of the company’s products and services is. Dry goods at the store as well as on the website are updated and supplemented by the company continuously because of too many orders. Indeed, the attraction of dry goods here is too strong, is it?

Currently, the company is providing many different dry, delicious and delicious food products, which are famous specialities of many regions – as ingredients for food processing:

  • Nutritious nut: freshly roasted cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia, chia seeds
  • Cooking spices: onion powder, garlic powder, turmeric powder, galangal flour, lemongrass powder, ginger powder, star aniseed, cinnamon powder, black turmeric powder, kernels, and then
  • Legumes: green beans, black beans, red beans, white beans, peeled green beans …
  • Combo dry on Tet holiday: bamboo shoots – vermicelli – wood ear – forest mushroom
  • ….

dry food productsfood

In addition to the above outstanding items, there are many other essential products, people can explore more here

Each product has been updated by the company with the most realistic, most standard images, and it can only see the quality of products. These items are very practical for processing delicious dishes every day, wonderful spices indispensable in the kitchen.

With Dung Ha Agricultural Products, providing you with a quality source of dry food that customers who come back to buy continuously have been the success of the company.

100% Commitment to the quality of pure dried ingredients

Food sources that the company imports are from reputable brand partners in the market. Even the company’s products are available at many other big partners’ stores such as Big C, Vinmart, Supermarkets, especially in big restaurants. Although a small product is also ensured quality standards:

  • 100% of products meet VietGap quality standards
  • Packing specifications: Most products are vacuumed or packed in bags, according to the box (according to customers’ demands in quantity).
  • Products are updated on continuous goods, not sold inventory, broken goods, poor quality goods
  • There are company brand stamps on the packaging, with shelf life – full production date, net weight,…

full production

The logistics process of the company is also ensured according to a certain standard from procurement – import – shipping – preservation – export sales at the company. The number of products left on the system will be checked regularly to ensure the output quality.

Address provides prestigious dry food in Hanoi

With the above commitment to quality, Dung Ha Agricultural Products is proud to be one of the clean, safe and clear origin food brands.

You are hesitant to choose where to buy prestigious dry food, visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products. With 4-year experience in the profession, with experienced staff, knowledgeable about characteristics, properties, uses, product usage will answer all questions for customers. Above all, the company will have good delivery and shipping policies for customers, meeting the delivery time. Unsatisfied products will be returned and refunded.

Nowhere has the advantage of buying goods like in Dung Ha Agricultural Products, no need to go far, just pick up the phone or place an order online via the website that you will get the product as you want.

Address to buy clean vegetables in Dalat at the company

Dung Ha Agricultural Product Company Limited

Address: số A11, ngõ 100 Trung Kính, Yên Hòa ward, Cầu Giấy district, Hà Nội

Website: nongsandungha.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nongsandungha/

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Hotline: 0901539693