Scrumptious Dinner Ideas Using Alaskan Seafood

There are a wide variety of delightful fish plans out there, yet customers should observe that sablefish, found in the North Pacific and amazingly notable in Alaskan, Canadian, British, and Japanese weight control plans, additionally passes by a collection of various names, including butterfish, dark cod, bluefish, and coal cod. The delicate surface and rich sort of this ocean protein, privately known as dark cod, has yielded connections with sea bass, and the fish is packed with the counter coronary illness unsaturated fats, omega-3s. Dark cod is assembled in the unadulterated, cold waters off the shores of Alaska from March through November, making it a particularly esteemed, available thing. The market, regardless, is obliged by environmentally perceptive rules, inferring that Alaska dark cod isn’t just tasty and reasonable, yet additionally supportable.

salmon, shellfish, groundfish, and together halibut and sablefish have been guaranteed by reasonability laws created into the Alaskan state constitution in 1959. By and large searched for after for the splendid idea of the fresh, wild fish that starts from Alaska’s virus waters, today those purchasers who are eco-perceptive and stressed over reasonability of the planet are additionally pulled in to things from Alaska. Believe it or not, the world has dependably shown its fisheries the officials practice on a blend between the approaches and practices of Iceland, and clearly Alaska.

For some fascinating plans, why not endeavor Alaska, or dark cod, with Asian ginger lime sauce? Simple to set up, the filets can be cooked stovetop with a sprinkle of vegetable oil and some sliced garlic, while the sauce is a mix of garlic, hacked serrano chiles, sugar, and ginger, beat into a paste, and added to a quarter-cup of fish sauce and a scramble of lime juice.

Curry dark cod is another delectable, liberal sound decision, much the same as the dazzling Alaska sablefish with a sugarcane marinade that is set up with a variety of tropical fixings, for instance, fennel, sugar snap peas, pearl onion, and new ginger and cilantro, nearby a hand created spiced lobster stock. The captivating soup is produced using a blend of nut oil, lobster stock, Thai red curry stick, ginger root, and rock sugar, which are combined and stewed on the stove. Serve cooked filets over dished lobster juices and the vegetables for an extraordinary platter with a heart-sound Alaska dark cod base.

Still need some more sablefish plans? Consider an equation with the poached grouping, gave a mustard-embedded bread pudding or a full fish spread with smoked fish, Alaska ruler crab, and shrimp risotto. Another scrumptious gourmet banquet can be set up from Alaska cod filets with rich peppery Sofrito, cooked white beans, littleneck mollusks, and severed chorizo.


Here’s Why You Should Add Bulk Natural Products in Your Shopping List

Currently, most supermarkets offer bulk natural products. The advantages of buying in bulk range from economics to environmental.

When I say bulk I’m not talking about the 48 roll package of paper towels from Costco. The bulk I am talking about is the beautiful fresh nuts, grains, dried fruits, and pasta you find in bins in your local supermarket. Usually, the items you find in the bulk bins are also organic.

There are several excellent reasons to purchase either your bulk natural food product or a wholesale natural product.

Control Food Packaging

Would it surprise you to find out that 30 percent of our trash is made up of food containers and packages? Food product packaging is adding to our already overtaxed landfills. Aside from the landfills, our streams, rivers, and oceans are also suffering from a glut of discarded food packaging.

According to Earth 911 website, coastal cleanup endeavors have collected over 62 percent of plastic packages from foods.

Shopping in the bulk section of your market allows you to limit packaging by re-using bags and containers. Each time you use the bulk bins, you eliminate one more piece of trash in our landfill sites.

Fresh is Best

Prepackaged foods show either “use by”, “sell by” or “best by” dates. If you are a skeptic like me, you may be wondering how fresh these items really are. Stores that have foods in bulk bins are constantly refilling the bins with fresh items. The bins are continually maintained by cleaning and refilling them.

Another advantage is that you can actually see the items that you are purchasing, unlike packaged items that are only partially visible.

Reduce Food Budget

Depending on the items and the store, it’s possible to save up to $500 per year on bulk food. There is another way that you can save money through bulk purchasing.

How many times have you gone to the store for a box of pasta and, instead, left the store with a $25 bill? Stocking up with staples like pasta or nuts means fewer trips to the store. Fewer trips to the store mean fewer impulse purchases. Additionally, you can save on gas when you don’t have to keep running out for basics.

Buy Bulk for Better Health

Natural Products

Most of the items that are in the bulk bins only contain one ingredient. You generally will not find food preservatives or additives that are typical in boxed and canned processed foods, less junk and more nutrients.

Your entire family will benefit from making your own meals and offering healthy snacks with items from the natural bulk aisle in your market.

It was mentioned earlier that the amount of waste from packaged foods is extraordinary. Aside from that, the packaging itself may be harmful to your health. Some food packages have been found to release chemical elements into its contents.

Not All Natural Bulk Foods are Created Equal

Just a few words of caution, not all bulk natural food product’s shelf life is the same. Before you stock up on an item, make sure that they will remain healthy for future use.

When buying bulk natural products or a wholesale natural product, check the cleanliness of the bulk food bins. Since there are no federal food safety rules for bulk food bins, it is up to the store to be diligent about food safety and cleanliness. There is nothing wrong with asking management about their approach to food safety.

Bulk buying serves both large families as well as singles. Enjoy saving the planet, your money and your good health by purchasing bulk natural food.


3 Useful Tips for a Hotel-Like Bed-and-Breakfast Food Service

Aside from hotels, one more lodging option that is gradually becoming popular for travelers is a bed-and-breakfast. This establishment runs around the concept of providing overnight accommodation and breakfast to guests using one’s home.

Often, bed-and-breakfasts – also referred to as “B&B” or “BnB” – are houses with four to eleven rooms or an average of six rooms. They cater to single occupants, couples, as well as bigger groups who are open to sleeping under the same roof with the owners of the B&B house.

If you’re operating this kind of business and wish to take it one step closer to hotel-like quality, you should probably consider taking inspiration from the foods they serve. To help you do this, here are three tips you can try to make your B&B standout from the rest:

1. Create Signature Dishes

One thing that separates a certain hotel from its competitors is the unique taste it offers. So, why not bring this idea into your bed-and-breakfast by coming up with your own signature dish?

If you’re an unrecognized chef or have someone in the house who is, then you’re one step closer to making your small business into a hotel-level kind of lodging.

When creating a signature dish, it is wise to do some research about the local favorites. It can be a specific ingredient or a native dish. Starting with what’s readily available and popular in your area will help you add character to your B&B and use the charm of the locality to your advantage.

2. Be Smart with Your Ingredients

Compared to hotels, B&Bs charge significantly lower for a night’s stay, even with breakfast served warm in the morning. While you may not be making as much as hotels do, you mustn’t let this hinder you from delivering hotel-caliber foods through the smart selection and use of your ingredients.

When buying ingredients, there are times that you should splurge, especially when it comes to locally-sourced produced. However, a talented chef can also make cheaper cuts taste as good as – if not better than – the expensive ones.

Also, if you find that some of your food offerings are becoming guest favorites, you can also buy food ingredients in bulk. The order can be accomplished online and will be delivered to where you are, so you won’t have to worry about the logistics of it all.

3. Use Foods Trends as a Guide for Your Menu

Copying food trends in hotels and bigger lodging establishments can also help make your B&B much more appealing to guests. For 2020, there are several unique tastes that are expected to change the way hotels and restaurants manage their menus, as follows:

West African Cuisine

In 2020, more hotels and other hospitality establishments are expected to incorporate West African cuisine in their menus. Composed of 16 nations, this side of Africa offers food that capitalizes on the benefits of ancient grains, such as teff, millet, and fonio. They also use superfoods like tamarind and moringa in their dishes.

The New Kid-Friendly Menus

As parents, Millennials seem to be passing on a sophisticated sense of taste to their little ones. As a result, the number of young foodies is growing steadily, with an entire generation of little ones reaching for California Rolls rather than fried and breaded foods.

With this trend looming to change the way things are, hotels and restaurants are adjusting accordingly. Because of their parents’ influence, more kids want to eat healthier. This explains why hotel menus are now leaning more on organic chicken nuggets, pasta prepared using alternative flours, and fish sticks without the breading.

Cannabis-infused Ingredients

Although its legality is still on the grey area in most parts of the world, the use of cannabis-derived drug cannabidiol (CBD) in foods and drinks is becoming more prevalent. And not just in hotels – more cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants are adding CBD-infused ingredients to their offerings.

Unique Fruits for Juices

Today, you’ll find more than just the usual orange juice in hotel and restaurant menus. Many establishments have started adding unique fruit flavors to their beverage selections, including yuzu, dragon fruit, and prickly pear, among others.

Sparkling Water and Other ‘Zero-Proof’ Drinks

From sparkling water to mocktails, non-alcoholic drinks that are becoming a hit in the hospitality and food services industries. Also referred to as “zero-proof,” these spirit-free drinks include botanical-infused faux gin, hops-infused sparkling waters, and other alternatives to liquors.

A 2020 hospitality trend prediction from Benchmark, a hotel development, and management company, says that more and more are turning to sparkling water as a “happy hour” staple instead of beer.

Soy Alternatives

Soy is a plant-based ingredient that has been used as an alternative source of protein for a long time. However, more consumers are trying to find an alternative to the alternative, specifically because of soy allergies. Many food brands have been experimenting with mung bean, avocado, and even hempseed as some plant-based options that can be used in place of soy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting to create a brand or already established one with your bed-and-breakfast, you must remember to find ways to separate your business from the competition. But, in this case, it is probably better to join them rather than try to beat them.

Since the competition involves hotels, your BnB should offer guests what they crave for in those establishments for a fraction of the cost. Use this article as a guide in doing so, and share it with others.


Jad Asaad is the Marketing Manager at Bidfood UAE with more than eight years of experience in digital, online and offline marketing. He started his career in Beirut working in a creative agency and then moved to Dubai to further expand his career. He created and implemented award-winning high-impact digital and offline marketing campaigns that consistently generated revenue streams and improved performance in targeted segments.



Criteria for Choosing the Right Catering Service for Your Event

For big events, it is always a wise decision to hire a trusted catering service to avoid any kind of chaos. No matter if it’s a corporate party or a wedding party, the important thing that will get noticed by the guests is the taste and flavor of the food. Therefore, you need the perfect catering services for your function or event. How to find the right caterer for your event? This question is common to a number of people when they plan for any event or party.

Here is a list of some criterion following which you can hire your right catering services:

Flexibility in menu options

In general, most of the catering services offer a standard or limited option for the menu. From the menu, you can choose as per your requirements. But, you should always lookout for the options of catering services that offer you flexibility in choosing your own options.

Several professionals like Chardonnay Catering are known for providing custom services to their clients. If the caterer is stick to the standard menu option then it’s not a good sign. Consider looking for another catering service for your event. Saying would not wrong that it is an important point to consider while hunting for the right catering service.

Go for references

One of the significant criteria that you must follow while finding the right catering service for your function is checking out the references. You should always seek references from your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Reviews and ratings that are available on the internet and online forums will be also helpful for you.

Proper explanation of offered services

Right from beverages to the number of plates, every minute detail needs to be included in the contract to avoid any confusion during the payment procedure. What would be the total payment of the catering service? What catering services they’re giving to you? What are the added services from them? You must ask these important questions to the caterers before getting into the deal.

Are the kitchen staff experienced?

The chefs who are preparing the meals need to have proper experience in catering services. So, you must ask about the chef’s experience and ability to prepare the specific dishes. If you want to include any particular dish at the party then you must ask them whether they can prepare for it or not.

Are they able to cover the specific function?

Catering service for a birthday party is completely different from wedding events or corporate parties. Thus, you should look for a catering service that is specialised in handling your kind of events. Whenever you meet caterers, you must tell them what type of food and what kind of event you are looking for.

Whenever you plan an event, you will always look for the right catering services that can make the guests remember the taste of the meal for a longer time. Thus, you need to follow the above points while finding the best caterers.


Healthy Living is Possible Through Best Diet Plan

Best diet plan can be followed to remain healthy and physically active. Proper knowledge of health and fitness helps the people to aware of the best-recommended foods and to stay active to spend a healthy life. The best diet plan helps the people spend a healthy life and unbalanced diet and lack of knowledge can create many hurdles to stay active and smart. It is true that healthy living is possible through the best diet plan and a person can adopt the best care plan which can help to maintain health and to engage with a proper food plan which can opt to spend a healthy life. Our body needs adequate food and exercises to grow and to maintain our well being. Without good health and mental preparation, we are unable to follow any type of useful tips to do anything and to eat healthy food. Proper knowledge of physical health and fitness is required to make an effective plan. Taking proper care of your daily diet is essential and a physical expert can advise you to give importance to what you consume on a daily basis. The habit of healthy living encourages to move forward and to think positively to achieve some goals.

Boost Your Life with Energy Foods

Foods are compulsory for are important health and fitness. Avoid foods that contain Fat and reduce your body weight. The types of food that you eat every day determine your overall physical and mental well-being. Try to eat foods that are low on fats. Dairy products, sugar, edible oil, meat, and processed foods are not recommended for a perfect meal because these foods increase fat in the body. Always try to stay away from various kinds of bad diseases such as cardiovascular and obesity problems. Limited amounts of fat in your daily diet in order to stay healthy and fit. Don’t compromise to take healthy foods in your daily meal plan and always prefer to use fresh fruits, vegetables to remain active and to reduce fat from the body. If you are not sure what to eat, how to eat and when to eat then ask from your consultants and get guidance to make a perfect diet plan chart and start following to remain healthy and physically fit. Eat Broccoli and paddlefish to fight cancer because it has rich properties and contains nutrients that help fight against liver problems and cancer.

How to Get Awareness about Health and Fitness?

Best health and fitness can be achieved from efficient health planning and to reduce the chances of health lost. Social media is the fastest and the reliable source which helps the people to know about everything even about specific issues. Many online physicians and experts are offering their services and timely assistance to nicely deal with health issues. Physical health and fitness goals can be achieved from efficient planning and having knowledge about certain health issues which can occur due to negligence and ignorance from the health-related issues. Follow reasonable and practicable guidelines and make some plans to follow and to resolve the health issues.


The Many Uses of Coastal Coasters

When you think about it, drink coasters are a small thing when it comes to kitchen accessories. Usually, drink coasters measure no more than five inches in diameter. These kitchen pieces are thought a little better than portable trash cans. They serve as protection to more valuable items like the dining table and the glasses.

But you might be surprised at the number of features and function that these drink coasters are capable of. For example, drink coasters are not just a disposable kitchen accessory made of coke. Today, there are different kinds of materials that these things are made of. With elegant glass, polished stainless steel models as well as absorbent sandstone, these drinking coasters has been elevated to an important status in every home.

While the natural beauty of different models is quite considerable, a lot of these coasters have the option of being imprinted with an infinite number of cool images. If you do not mind the lack of stylistic and absorption coaster qualities, ceramic pieces are quite easy to purchase, printed with the custom images of your choice.

Some companies on the Internet will let you upload an image from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer, print them directly to the coaster piece and ship them to you, door-to-door. The problem with these custom ceramic coasters is that these things are not absorbent compared to other materials. They generally do not have a lip, which means that a wet wine or drinking glass can slide around during a warm summer day.

Cork, paper or fabric coasters can also come in different colors or colored images printed on them. The problem is, you need to buy them in the thousands to make it cost-effective. Usually, these kinds of coasters are best for restaurants, promotional companies, hotels or bars because they purchase items by the bulk.

To know more about drinking coaster, you can visit websites like for more information.

Drink coaster designs have been undergoing new development in recent years. One of the latest developments is its ability to print a pre-picked design directly into the sandstone coaster without sacrificing the absorbent qualities of the piece. While a custom work traditionally requires people to purchase at least a hundred pieces, there are tons of standard images available in some retail stores all over the world, and it allows buyers to pick and choose the piece that they want and the right one that suits their needs.

If you are not into sandstone, there are other options like chiseled and sandblasted images, which can be a lot more expensive compared to sandstone but can be more sophisticated and stylish. It is also possible to etch the images or engrave them into the glass, although you cannot usually add colors to the graphics without paying extra for hand-painted acrylic coaster pieces.

But these items are far more than a decoration that makes your dining table look more elegant. They are functional pieces, and they serve their purpose very well. If you are more concerned about the moisture on the table surface, you need to consider coasters that absorb moisture or have some sort of lip that can hold the glass as well as the moisture on the surface.

Click here to know more about the history of beverage mats.

Drinking coasters are also sometimes used as ashtrays, especially in bars and open-air restaurants. In home settings, if there is someone in your house who smoke or if you have a party and do not mind people smoking inside your premises, a drink coaster is an excellent impromptu place where smokers can tip their cigarettes without making a mess.

Another good use of this kitchen accessory is an improvised trash bin. It is that there is a big difference between beverage mat and trash receptacles, but you cannot argue that you can use it as a trash bin if necessary. It can keep junk and crumbs off the floor or in your dining area.

Drinking coasters may be small, but with all the new materials available in the market today as well as the latest advancement and innovations in the printing industry, these “small” items can be a vital kitchen piece in your homes, both as a decorative piece and a functioning kitchen accessory.


Seven Seas Food Festival Combines the Best of Cuisine and Concerts

Florida nourishment fests are known for their energizing new flavors and blends, big name culinary specialist exhibitions, and first class stimulations and shows by the nation’s top music craftsmen. The experience is considerably all the more engaging with the popular amusement stops as the hosts to numerous such exceptional yearly occasions. At the SeaWorld Orlando too it’s the most foreseen spring occasion – the Seven Seas Food Festival that guarantees to take you on a taste experience you would prefer not to miss. Genuinely, the uncommon nourishment fest enlivens a totally different ocean of tastes for a one of a kind and reviving coastline culinary experience ever.

The debut version of the Seven Seas Food Festival, for the year 2017 conveys to you the best of sustenance and fun chances, highlighting 11 one of a kind corners, pressed with 60 most enticing flavors from over the globe, more than 55 create blends and live melodic exhibitions with probably the greatest names in diversion. The show line-up for the 2017 Festival incorporates top choices, for example, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Village individuals, ZZ Top and others that have taken the country’s shake, Latin and down home music by tempest.

The 2017 Festival is the first of its thoughtful yearly occasion that SeaWorld Orlando brings to the table. It’s in truth a one of a kind endeavor by the marine diversion mammoth to display a universal beach front food experience for its fans. With energizing new waterfront dishes at 11 worldwide markets, spreading all through the Park it’s a genuine treat for your taste buds. From the most inventive eating marvels to the most enticing beach front platters you have a world brimming with energizing new flavors to taste and attempt. Being a piece of this stand-out taste experience, you will have the best of ocean side food and shows available to you. In the midst of all the bubbly fun and flavors you find a selective cluster of new dishes from the American, Latin, Asian, Polynesian, and Mediterranean foods.

In addition, notwithstanding an amazing exhibit of nearby and global art blends, the Festival displays a restrictive determination of wine and forte mixed drinks also. Wine sweethearts can take the fun considerably further with the extraordinary wine and lager tasting choice at an extra expense. Another fascinating feature of the Seven Seas Food occasion is the nearness of unique flavors from an earlier time. Prominent dishes from the two stopped SeaWorld occasions – Bands, Brew, and BBQ and Viva La Musica, for example, smoky grilled meat and Pork Rinds, Bacalaitos and Pinchos make things much all the more energizing and noteworthy for us. Visiting SeaWorld Orlando amid the unique occasion is an alternate encounter out and out.

Tips to Cooking Sea Food

Eating fish is useful for your chum caviar wellbeing. How frequently have you heard that announcement? In any case, for some individuals around the world who don’t live close to the coast and for whom fish is an uncommon item, the test is to make sense of how to cook it. The uplifting news however is that you need not be a specialist or a know everything to cook fish. Most fish plans have pursued a fundamental example and one formula can be utilized to cook various kinds of fish. You simply need to comprehend the nuts and bolts. Fish is ordinarily classified into two sorts: lean fish and fat trawl.

Lean Fish are those fishes that have less fat substance. They have a fat substance running from 0.5 percent to 5 percent. Their low oil content methods their quality is kept up notwithstanding when solidified for around a half year. Lean fish are regularly white-fleshed fish and a couple of precedents are Alaska Pollock, cod gadus morhua, Snapper, Golden Pompano, Halibut, etc.

Fat Fish are those fish that have a fat substance of in excess of 5 percent. Notwithstanding, the fat of the fish is still useful for your wellbeing, so need not stress. The oil is appropriated all through the substance of the fish, as aftereffect of which the tissue of the fish will in general be somewhat darker. These fish don’t solidify well thus have a short timeframe of realistic usability of a quarter of a year. A portion of the instances of fat fish are Pompano, Salmon, and Tuna, etc.

Cooking Tips

While preparing ocean bottom there are only a couple of fundamental decides that you have to remember. The plans can be utilized conversely for the two sorts of trawl.

Fat fish are solid in flavor and whenever substituted with a lean fish in a formula, you may lose the fish enhance.

On the off chance that you intend to substitute a fat fish with a lean fish, you may need to season it much of the time to keep the fish from drying in the cooking procedure.

Lean fish are a decent decision for soups and stews which need consistent taking care of. The firmer surface of the lean fish implies that it holds it shape and furthermore gives an all the more satisfying completed appearance.

To make the most of your fish cooking, attempt and trade one fish for another in a formula and you will without a doubt be enchanted with the great and tasty outcomes you will get.


Meal with Both Health and Taste

Most of the families have liked almost same meals. Every family’s mother wants to cook meal which must contain taste as well as full of health. But every meal doesn’t take both things. Every family doesn’t want oil, high black paper, salting and also many other things.

Before you decide, what should be cooked it is very important to select a good thing for cook. But selecting of good thing to cook is difficult.

We will help you in deciding to make a meal which must contain health and also full of taste. As you cook food Time is very important factor for making taste in food and time means ling cod. Following are the recipes:

Chicken in smooth green onion sauce:

When is this chicken occasion low? Control the chicken bosoms in the spread or hedge and include kitty green onions, salt and kitty cream. What is this you are doing to keep chicken on low medium warmth without keeping it chicken? Aside from the container squeeze, the cream of the hamburger makes a smooth sauce – you will experience serious difficulties not to lavish the spoon! For a dainty sauce, include some skillet squeeze before including creams cream.

Move stack:

Investigate, take a gander at the vegetable. This starch is troublesome. Take out your stocks and waves from all these little jobs. Vegetables loaded up with nutritious onion, green beans and pepper (or everything contained vegetable) will cover solidified phony sticks – bananas and spags can likewise be loaded up with scrumptious and dental. Dark colored in a dish and after that lock in the broiler. I cherish Masood terrible tattoos from them.

Chicken Crockpot Crew:

Before going out throughout the afternoon, hang tight for it simple and supper. All things considered, the fresh is intended for simple supper formulas! Cook crane, coconut milk, Korean powder and onion harvest and cook for less than eight hours. You needn’t bother with chicken tea before including – Slow cooking makes the simple to pieces on the end!


Save Yourself Time And Effort By Ordering Cakes and Brownies Online

One of the most important technological advancements of the last few decades has been the emergence of the Internet which has allowed people around the world to communicate as well as conduct business activities. However, one business that you may not have considered in the new online environment is a cake shop. Indeed, if you are looking to purchase a cake for a variety of different celebrations, then you should think about searching for how to order brownies online in Norfolk which can provide a number of cake shops in your area. Furthermore, by choosing to purchase a cake from an online cake shop, you can enjoy a number of benefits, especially when compared with more traditional forms of cake shops.

One of the most significant advantages of ordering brownies or cakes from an online shop is that you do not have to visit a variety of different cake shops in your local area. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about trying any of the products and you can order the cake of your choice within a matter of minutes from the comfort of your device. In addition, you should also remember that choosing an online cake shop can give you a variety of choices at the touch of a button. This can also save you having to visit the cake shop to pick up your order because it can be delivered to the right location at an affordable price.

  • Save time and money.
  • Enjoy a variety of choice.
  • Help the local economy.
  • Use new technology.

Therefore, if you have to order a cake for a variety of different celebrations, you should think about searching for an online cake shop which can provide you with the products that you require in a simple and cost-effective way.


Dried products are prepared from Vietnamese origin

With experience in more than 4 years in business and production activities, Dung Ha Agricultural Co., Ltd in Vietnam has grown strongly with a strong position in the market with the brand “food supply Quality dry goods ”for consumers. Understanding the needs of customers, the company always updates and supplements many essential goods. Not only is famous for the array of domestic fruits or clean vegetables in Dalat, the stock of dry albums – raw materials for Vietnamese dishes are also present at the store.

Why need to visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products to choose dry food?

You want to buy a lot of delicious cooking ingredients, want to buy clean food that is safe without chemical preservatives but does not know where to buy. Coming to Dung Ha Agricultural Products, you will be amazed by super quality dry food warehouse which is a regional speciality in many different provinces.

Do not compare with market goods, commitment to quality with the brand is the sales policy applied by the Company.

Dry items are censored and tested. The company sends its staff to the production site to visit the product processing process, take it for trial, ensure safety and must be delicious food to be imported by the company to sell.

Abundant supplies, many supply partners, but the company only works with reputable partners who value the first quality with the after-sales service policy.

Today, the food safety issue of daily consumption of dried goods is a painful problem for the Vietnamese people, because there are many fake and poor quality products, which are Chinese products that make Vietnamese goods. people do not know where to buy and how to buy it to be safe for users’ health. Understanding this more than anyone else, Dung Ha Agricultural Products has brought the great quality of dry sources.

Supplying authentic and prestigious dry food products

If you have been a customer of Dung Ha Agricultural Products, then you also understand how the quality of the company’s products and services is. Dry goods at the store as well as on the website are updated and supplemented by the company continuously because of too many orders. Indeed, the attraction of dry goods here is too strong, is it?

Currently, the company is providing many different dry, delicious and delicious food products, which are famous specialities of many regions – as ingredients for food processing:

  • Nutritious nut: freshly roasted cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia, chia seeds
  • Cooking spices: onion powder, garlic powder, turmeric powder, galangal flour, lemongrass powder, ginger powder, star aniseed, cinnamon powder, black turmeric powder, kernels, and then
  • Legumes: green beans, black beans, red beans, white beans, peeled green beans …
  • Combo dry on Tet holiday: bamboo shoots – vermicelli – wood ear – forest mushroom
  • ….

In addition to the above outstanding items, there are many other essential products, people can explore more here

Each product has been updated by the company with the most realistic, most standard images, and it can only see the quality of products. These items are very practical for processing delicious dishes every day, wonderful spices indispensable in the kitchen.

With Dung Ha Agricultural Products, providing you with a quality source of dry food that customers who come back to buy continuously have been the success of the company.

100% Commitment to the quality of pure dried ingredients

Food sources that the company imports are from reputable brand partners in the market. Even the company’s products are available at many other big partners’ stores such as Big C, Vinmart, Supermarkets, especially in big restaurants. Although a small product is also ensured quality standards:

  • 100% of products meet VietGap quality standards
  • Packing specifications: Most products are vacuumed or packed in bags, according to the box (according to customers’ demands in quantity).
  • Products are updated on continuous goods, not sold inventory, broken goods, poor quality goods
  • There are company brand stamps on the packaging, with shelf life – full production date, net weight,…

The logistics process of the company is also ensured according to a certain standard from procurement – import – shipping – preservation – export sales at the company. The number of products left on the system will be checked regularly to ensure the output quality.

Address provides prestigious dry food in Hanoi

With the above commitment to quality, Dung Ha Agricultural Products is proud to be one of the clean, safe and clear origin food brands.

You are hesitant to choose where to buy prestigious dry food, visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products. With 4-year experience in the profession, with experienced staff, knowledgeable about characteristics, properties, uses, product usage will answer all questions for customers. Above all, the company will have good delivery and shipping policies for customers, meeting the delivery time. Unsatisfied products will be returned and refunded.

Nowhere has the advantage of buying goods like in Dung Ha Agricultural Products, no need to go far, just pick up the phone or place an order online via the website that you will get the product as you want.

Address to buy clean vegetables in Dalat at the company

Dung Ha Agricultural Product Company Limited

Address: số A11, ngõ 100 Trung Kính, Yên Hòa ward, Cầu Giấy district, Hà Nội



Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 0901539693