The Many Uses of Coastal Coasters


When you think about it, drink coasters are a small thing when it comes to kitchen accessories. Usually, drink coasters measure no more than five inches in diameter. These kitchen pieces are thought a little better than portable trash cans. They serve as protection to more valuable items like the dining table and the glasses.

But you might be surprised at the number of features and function that these drink coasters are capable of. For example, drink coasters are not just a disposable kitchen accessory made of coke. Today, there are different kinds of materials that these things are made of. With elegant glass, polished stainless steel models as well as absorbent sandstone, these drinking coasters has been elevated to an important status in every home.

While the natural beauty of different models is quite considerable, a lot of these coasters have the option of being imprinted with an infinite number of cool images. If you do not mind the lack of stylistic and absorption coaster qualities, ceramic pieces are quite easy to purchase, printed with the custom images of your choice.

Some companies on the Internet will let you upload an image from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer, print them directly to the coaster piece and ship them to you, door-to-door. The problem with these custom ceramic coasters is that these things are not absorbent compared to other materials. They generally do not have a lip, which means that a wet wine or drinking glass can slide around during a warm summer day.

Cork, paper or fabric coasters can also come in different colors or colored images printed on them. The problem is, you need to buy them in the thousands to make it cost-effective. Usually, these kinds of coasters are best for restaurants, promotional companies, hotels or bars because they purchase items by the bulk.

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Drink coaster designs have been undergoing new development in recent years. One of the latest developments is its ability to print a pre-picked design directly into the sandstone coaster without sacrificing the absorbent qualities of the piece. While a custom work traditionally requires people to purchase at least a hundred pieces, there are tons of standard images available in some retail stores all over the world, and it allows buyers to pick and choose the piece that they want and the right one that suits their needs.

If you are not into sandstone, there are other options like chiseled and sandblasted images, which can be a lot more expensive compared to sandstone but can be more sophisticated and stylish. It is also possible to etch the images or engrave them into the glass, although you cannot usually add colors to the graphics without paying extra for hand-painted acrylic coaster pieces.

But these items are far more than a decoration that makes your dining table look more elegant. They are functional pieces, and they serve their purpose very well. If you are more concerned about the moisture on the table surface, you need to consider coasters that absorb moisture or have some sort of lip that can hold the glass as well as the moisture on the surface.

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Drinking coasters are also sometimes used as ashtrays, especially in bars and open-air restaurants. In home settings, if there is someone in your house who smoke or if you have a party and do not mind people smoking inside your premises, a drink coaster is an excellent impromptu place where smokers can tip their cigarettes without making a mess.

Another good use of this kitchen accessory is an improvised trash bin. It is that there is a big difference between beverage mat and trash receptacles, but you cannot argue that you can use it as a trash bin if necessary. It can keep junk and crumbs off the floor or in your dining area.

Drinking coasters may be small, but with all the new materials available in the market today as well as the latest advancement and innovations in the printing industry, these “small” items can be a vital kitchen piece in your homes, both as a decorative piece and a functioning kitchen accessory.