Here’s Why You Should Add Bulk Natural Products in Your Shopping List


Currently, most supermarkets offer bulk natural products. The advantages of buying in bulk range from economics to environmental.

When I say bulk I’m not talking about the 48 roll package of paper towels from Costco. The bulk I am talking about is the beautiful fresh nuts, grains, dried fruits, and pasta you find in bins in your local supermarket. Usually, the items you find in the bulk bins are also organic.

There are several excellent reasons to purchase either your bulk natural food product or a wholesale natural product.

Control Food Packaging

Would it surprise you to find out that 30 percent of our trash is made up of food containers and packages? Food product packaging is adding to our already overtaxed landfills. Aside from the landfills, our streams, rivers, and oceans are also suffering from a glut of discarded food packaging.

According to Earth 911 website, coastal cleanup endeavors have collected over 62 percent of plastic packages from foods.

Shopping in the bulk section of your market allows you to limit packaging by re-using bags and containers. Each time you use the bulk bins, you eliminate one more piece of trash in our landfill sites.

Fresh is Best

Prepackaged foods show either “use by”, “sell by” or “best by” dates. If you are a skeptic like me, you may be wondering how fresh these items really are. Stores that have foods in bulk bins are constantly refilling the bins with fresh items. The bins are continually maintained by cleaning and refilling them.

Another advantage is that you can actually see the items that you are purchasing, unlike packaged items that are only partially visible.

Reduce Food Budget

Depending on the items and the store, it’s possible to save up to $500 per year on bulk food. There is another way that you can save money through bulk purchasing.

How many times have you gone to the store for a box of pasta and, instead, left the store with a $25 bill? Stocking up with staples like pasta or nuts means fewer trips to the store. Fewer trips to the store mean fewer impulse purchases. Additionally, you can save on gas when you don’t have to keep running out for basics.

Buy Bulk for Better Health

Natural Products

Most of the items that are in the bulk bins only contain one ingredient. You generally will not find food preservatives or additives that are typical in boxed and canned processed foods, less junk and more nutrients.

Your entire family will benefit from making your own meals and offering healthy snacks with items from the natural bulk aisle in your market.

It was mentioned earlier that the amount of waste from packaged foods is extraordinary. Aside from that, the packaging itself may be harmful to your health. Some food packages have been found to release chemical elements into its contents.

Not All Natural Bulk Foods are Created Equal

Just a few words of caution, not all bulk natural food product’s shelf life is the same. Before you stock up on an item, make sure that they will remain healthy for future use.

When buying bulk natural products or a wholesale natural product, check the cleanliness of the bulk food bins. Since there are no federal food safety rules for bulk food bins, it is up to the store to be diligent about food safety and cleanliness. There is nothing wrong with asking management about their approach to food safety.

Bulk buying serves both large families as well as singles. Enjoy saving the planet, your money and your good health by purchasing bulk natural food.