3 Different Ways for Using Cream Charger


In the current world, many items and products are available in the market which you can use in the kitchen. Many kitchen tools are available in the market which you can use for your easy purpose. When a kitchen tool is not available in the local market, you can buy it from an online store. At an online store, the chance is that you will get discount offers. One of the new kitchen tools is the cream charger. The whipped cream charger is available in the market and also in the online store. When you are about to order your cream charger, check that it is moderate in size and available on offers. The online store will give you discount offers during festive seasons. So, if you can, wait for some time and buy cream chargers online from Nangs.net.au, this is one of the best stores during the festival season.

The cream charger is mostly used for making fresh whipped cream. But, many chefs are not aware of this kitchen tool. So, know about what cream charger is and how you can use it in 3 different ways either in your kitchen or in your restaurant. Whipped cream chargers are used for making different dishes and give all dishes a new look. If you are looking for foam or froth dishes, then you should have a cream charger.

Three different ways to use the whipped cream charger

Espumas – there may be a chance that you have not heard the word “Espumas”. But, if you visit a fine dining restaurant for dinner, you must have heard about Espumas. It is a Spanish word that means froth or foam or in cooking. The common meaning of this word is edible foam which is warm in texture. Espumas is cooked by adding soup, vegetable purees, and nitrous oxide. A combination of all these creates edible foam. While plating your dishes, you can serve the dish as you want or indifferent way.

Batters – Another and common use of whipped cream charger for creating airy and bubbly batters for waffles, pancakes, or deep frying the other dishes. A better way to use a cream charger is to turn out its lightweight and the batter becomes dense when you are using it for pancake and waffle. Add the nitrous oxide to the batter so that pancakes and waffles batter will be light. You can also fry the batter for having a crisp and crunchy fried food. In this fried food, you will get less oil.

Cocktails – a variety of cocktails and beverages are also using cream chargers. Different types of cocktails are made by using this kitchen tool which is bubbly and fizzy. When you are having a non-alcoholic drink, add nitrous oxide in your drink and have a refresh and texture taste.

With a cream charger, several types of accessories are also attached so that you can make a frothy dish or use it as you want. If you do not want to use the accessories of the cream charger and will use it only for whipping purposes, then remove the accessories from it and use it.