Weekend Getaway Ideas in Melbourne


Melbourne is a great city to explore for both locals and tourists. If you have a particularly leisurely weekend planned in the city, here are some of the things you can try:

Hang Out at the Nicholas Building

The Nicolas Building dates back to the roaring twenties. It’s famous for its art deco, and even more so for the shops. There are ten storeys full of all kinds of shops to discover amazing deals. You can buy jewellery, art, clothes, or even have clothes custom made. It’s a great place to find vintage clothes and items. The building is famous for bespoke tailors and cobblers. Interestingly enough, the building has lift operators, the only building in down to have so. A trip here will definitely leave you wanting more.

Indulge in International Cuisine

Melbourne is rather proud of its multicultural heritage. You know what this means, cuisine from around the world! You can enjoy all manner of food in the city, and a weekend will be more than enough to enjoy food from Brazil to China. If you want to try exotic spicy cuisine, there are plenty of Indian, Thai, Sri Lankan, and other Southeast Asian eateries where you can dive in without breaking the bank. If you are in the mood for delicious fast food, you can eat famous American dishes at Tgifridays restaurant in the city. You can enjoy meat dishes, or full vegetarian dishes at Ethiopian and Indian restaurants. The choices are just too many for the stomach to handle in one day.

Visit Carlton Readings Bookstore

Who goes to bookstores anymore? But there’s a very good reason why the front door of the Carlton Readings bookstore is always crowded by 10pm on Saturdays. This book once won an excellence award from the London Book Fair. From the outset, it looks like a regular bookstore. But inside is a bookworm’s paradise. The atmosphere is great. More importantly, the bookstore is known for friendly staff and its community outreach. The store supports local authors, so you will be able to find titles that may not yet be available on Amazon Kindle. It’s a great place for introverts to hang out.

Visit the Melbourne Zoo

A classic stop in the city, the Melbourne zoo never fails to amaze. Even adults can enjoy a stroll in here. The zoo has a breathtaking butterfly room, a trail of elephant’s attraction, and a night show in the summer that delights young and old alike. It’s a great place to enjoy a picnic in the evenings too. The zoo also often holds local and international musical acts to enjoy while you have snacks on balmy days.

Pool and Milkshakes at Red Triangle

Red Triangle is a popular hangout spot where visitors can enjoy games of time capsule pool and then enjoy classic milkshakes. Sure there’s nothing to see, but no one cannot enjoy an evening spend playing pool or snooker here. Venture at your own risk, you may never want to leave.

Sing at Charlton’s Karaoke

You don’t have to be a good singer; Charlton’s will welcome anyone with a voice and the motivation. You can waste away a lazy weekend signing your heart out here. There are also pool games, and a bar right next-door.

Try one of the above to truly enjoy Melbourne.