Vitello Tonnato – An Italian Recipe Is a Delectable Dish, Worth Trying


Vitello tonnato, is an Italian recipe. Translating this traditional dish into English such as veal with mayonnaise that is tuna-flavored and that charm fades the initial mellifluous fast.

It is a delicate dish featuring strong flavors. It becomes complicated as one starts explaining. There are places serving this recipe since 1987 as unchanged right from the time the restaurant is opened. This is the reason that on London’s River Café menu, this comes without any description.

This recipe requires veal fillet, mayonnaise and this can be bought readymade, good quality tuna in olive oil 200gm, salt and pepper, lemon, bay leaves, cream and mixed herbs.

In fact, Los Angeles-based chef and restaurateur, Vinny Dotolo, considers vitello tonnato to be surf and turn forerunner. “You can enjoy the brininess, but tuna also has a bitter quality and that is in a weird way,”. It is also a good style of eating is believed.

In fact, the modern pizza joint also presents the tonnato but it does not have the vitello or for that matter any other meat. There is the sauce made of capers, anchovies, egg yolk, lemon and olive oil. It is spooned on a grill made of wood and pepper is added,while it is also garnished using sesame seeds.