The Best Banquet Halls in Houston


Houston is an idyllic location where everything is bigger than it is anywhere else. If you’re looking to have that once-in-a-lifetime party or event, Houston has several different locations to choose from. With an international airport and an excellent public transportation system, getting your guests around town is a breeze, and the city is beautifully maintained and designed, so no matter where you go you’re in for a party of the ages. Here are a few of the best banquet halls in Houston.

The Majestic Metro

This renovated movie theater is the perfect place to throw a party in style. The original building was supposed to be torn down in the mid-1980s, but some concerned citizens ended up purchasing the location and renovating it to its former glory. Now it looks like you’re stepping off the street and into the golden era of movie palaces, where a speakeasy is just waiting to whisk you and your guests into yesteryear. It’s perfect for a 1920s-themed party or a glamourous business event that will wow any of your guests.

Discovery Green

The weather in Houston is gorgeous for most of the year, so outdoor events are popular no matter where you go. If you’re looking for a relaxing environment, surrounded by the bountiful beauty of nature and art, then Discovery Green is the location for you. This massive park nestled in Downtown Houston is a wonderful location where you can host even the largest of parties. There are several areas with different themes scattered across the park, and you can kayak across the pond, play on one of the many playgrounds, and marvel at the modern art that’s showcased throughout the park. If you are planning a party in the winter, you can also ice-skate on the pond!

Firehouse Saloon

If you’re looking to have the quintessential Texas-themed party, then the Firehouse Saloon is the perfect location. This all-country dance hall has been owned and operated by firefighters for over 20 years. They offer a stage that can be utilized for concerts, dances, and meetings, as well as ample space for meals and drinks located throughout the property. Holding your event here is guaranteed to make your event the most talked about ‘hootenanny’ in town!

The Houston Zoo

If you’re looking for a wild time that’s going to be fun for the family as well as your co-workers, then look at renting a party place in the Houston Zoo! With over 6,000 wild animals as your fellow guests, you can enjoy the party while marveling at Elephants, Komodo Dragons, Parrots, Piranhas, and more as they occupy some amazingly gorgeous habitats and vistas. There are several different venues that can host your event, such as the Gorilla Treehouse, the Sea Lion Deck, the Reflection Pool, or even the Reptile House! They can even help plan your event by adding on experience like live animal encounters, scavenger hunts, and live DJs and bands that will make your party an adventure your guests will never forget!