What Kind of Wine Should You Buy for Christmas


Everyone imagines that Christmas wine should be special – and it really should. There’s nothing ordinary on the festive table, we buy the best of everything and often try out novelties, to make it memorable. It’s only natural that the drinks must be exquisite, too. Here are a few ideas about holidays wine selection.

Vintage red wine

As expected, the best color for Christmas is red; but you can’t just have an ordinary red wine, can you? Go vintage if you’re planning to stray off the beaten path. You can purchase well aged wine online and you will get all the info you need about it. It’s far easier than looking for bottles in stores. Try red Lebanon wine, you might just be amazed. Vintage Port is another great idea and is affordable, too.


This is a rather uncommon type of wine and it’s a shame that so few people are aware of it. Usually, wines that come from Alsace have this denomination and are easily palatable to people who don’t have much knowledge of wine and are rather new drinkers. Riesling is white and goes extremely well with food. Goes best with white meat and desserts.


Another red wine on the list, this one is fairly light and comes from Southern Burgundy in France. It has a strong fruity flavor and can really be a hit for Christmas. In addition, it will work so well with almost any food on the table, from light starters to heavy festive meals. The wine doesn’t have to outdo the food.

Never be afraid to pick something unusual. Even if not everyone may notice how a wine is better than others, they will at least be impressed that you tried. Novelty is usually much appreciated. Mid range and high end wines tend to be exquisite and flavorful. Do your best to match them with the season (heavier works better in winter). However, if you are planning to buy wine to offer as a gift, make sure you know the recipient’s preference before you buy.